• Reading the Bible Together

    With a new year comes new opportunities, and so as a church we're starting a new initiative of 'Reading the Bible Together' (RBT).

  • Well spoken?

    We all know that words can be really powerful. The old children’s rhyme ‘Sticks & stones can beak my bones but words will never hurt me.’ has a sort of simple logic about it, but we know that it isn’t true. At the very least, words communicate ideas which lead to actions.

  • No prejudice

    The offence of prejudice is often levelled at Christians in general and ‘the church’ at large. Sexism, racism, ageism, etc… People often argue that the ideal is for us to live in a tolerant society – but by that they usually mean that everything is tolerated but intolerance – which is rather contradictory.

  • Playing your part

    Some years ago before I was a Pastor, I regularly had to go to an aeroplane engine factory as a part of my job. It was an exciting large-scale place, full of huge machines and massive spaces to move them around. Visiting the factory every few months was a highlight of my job. One day I was asked to go to a particular workshop within the factory where a team of about 12 people, each with his own bench, were working. Most of these guys had been there for 20 years or more and their task was to make...

  • The Lord reigns

    The apostle Paul lived under the rule of a despotic Roman emperor insisting that he be worshipped as a god. The apparently unassailable imperial power was mediated through local pagan regimes which left anyone not engaged in emperor worship at the margins of society. Nevertheless, in Chapter 13 of his letter to Christians in Rome, Paul wrote these humbling words:

  • A new church for Marlborough

    We're delighted to partner with other churches in the region to support Christians in Marlborough who are starting a new church. The aim is not to be a cosy clique, nor merely to borrow Christians from other churches, but to reach out across East Wiltshire with the message of Christ. The group have chosen the name Emmanuel Marlborough (which does not mean it's our franchise). Our Assistant Pastor, Reuben Mann, is heading it up. Do look at the web site and go along if you live in the area.

  • Community Open Day invitation

    Goldney Avenue Opening - Community Open Day

    We hope to open our new building on the weekend of May 2nd-3rd. And we're holding a Community Open Day to celebrate! We hope that many of our new neighbours will come in to see the building. There'll be free coffee, cakes, crafts, children's activities - including a bouncy castle!

  • Goldney Avenue - Building Updates

    You can check on the progress of the work on our new building here.

  • Not just getting wet!

    It was REALLY great to have a baptism in our church last Sunday. Individuals from different backgrounds and situations were baptised, all of whom had become Christians and wanted to take this step. Of course, they had been sharing the fact that they had become Christians for some time, but it was a real privilege to be involved as they made a very public declaration of their faith by being baptised.

  • Running the Rat-Race?

    I’ve never thought that the term ‘rat race’ is a very flattering one! Yet the daily grind of getting up to go to work to buy the food, to come home to eat, to enjoy a little diversionary leisure before going to bed to get up in the morning and start it all again – that does certainly feel at times as if we are on some kind of endless wheel!